About Us


Our Story

Ostranda Holding is a New York-based alternative asset management firm focusing on acquiring and building strategic alliances with income-producing private and public companies. Ostranda provides their portfolio of companies with the strategic planning, managerial insight, and capital needed to enable them to work towards next level growth and profitability.

Our Philosophy

Acquisition opportunities with strategic partnerships create special situations that fit Ostranda fundamental nature of creating current and sustainable yield, recession resilient, high barriers of growth with proven operating partners, and management teams that will keep Ostranda a leader in the business community for many years. While Ostranda does not intend to limit their industry sectors, our current areas of particular focus are Insurance, Recycling, and Financial Services industry, Marketing, Calling Centers, and Real Estate.

Why Us?

Ostranda Holding Company owns and operates partnerships in a diverse array of businesses, tapping into our broad expertise of exceptional management  with hands on approach that delivers outstanding results. Ostranda  primary objective is to build, run, and grow great businesses plan and simple.

Next Steps...

Do not hesitate to give a call or email us if you have any questions or concerns.