Business Portfolio


Ostranda has four divisions to its primary core Insurance business. Specializing in ownership and partnerships in some of the top regional and national firms. Ostranda’s core focus is on the retail market, national sales programs and lead generating, wholesaling, and insurance marketing, with a diverse consulting division on a local and national basis.


Ostranda and its subsidiaries trade extensively in international markets. We operate 3 ferrous and nonferrous brokerage offices in the U.S., and 1 in Hong Kong. At every office, our experienced brokers receive up-to-the-minute data on who is buying or selling scrap, what kind, where, and for how much. Our unrivaled communications network gives Ostranda brokers real-time price quotes, scrap availability and over 80,000 active freight rates. We use all our brokerage and transportation know-how to successfully move recycled metal throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, Asia, South Africa, Mexico and beyond.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Ostranda is partners and owners of a diverse international marketing company, with offices all across the United States, India, and South East Asia. With over 400 individuals combined in the Ostranda workforce we can produce the highest level of marketing that produces set appointments with complete details and data that gives professional sales teams a true and accountable advantage to help and accomplish their sales goals.

Wall Street Clearing and Confirmations

In this ever-changing world of technology Ostranda has partnered with a pioneer in the security business. Dedicating its diverse resources in the clearing and confirmation of products in the Wall Street community. With its alternative new technology gives a more accurate and profitable return on doing business safely with producing financial benefits in the way business is done on a secure basis. Its new platform prevents and protects risk while still focusing on generating business with a higher yield in profits for the Wall Street firm.

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